Some reassuring facts about

Well, I knew attending a church service was radical - an act of subversion, even - and this was reinforced by the reaction I have received from friends and readers in general. Let me lay down a few home truths.

1 - This isn't about to become a blog about spirituality or religion. Thinking, design and the city - those are the three themes.

2 - I don't have any belief in a supernatural god, although I think the role of religion after the philosophical 'death of god' is worthy of further investigation. Don Cupitt's post-religious theological/philsophical ideas - the idea of a 'religion of life', which is affirmative and resolutely complete in the absence of god - is of interest.

3 - I am far more likely to become a practicing magician than a religious observer in the traditional sense.

4 - Jung's archetypal psychology is more interesting than the bankrupt structures of organised religion, and potentially more relevant to the concept of design, particularly in architecture. Investigation into this might surface on this blog in the future.

So relax, everyone - no conversion on the road to Damascus.