Felix was recently in Ubud with Marcus. Marcus wrote 7000 words, and Felix wrote nearly that many as well. Down among the rice paddies.


Marcus' last Australian sojourn was a trip to Coolangatta, in Queensland. Gosh it was warm.


The Ink Shot was in Japan in early 2016 for Cherry Blossom Season! Fantastic trip. Felix and Marcus walked 200km in 10 days. Or something like that: about 20km a day. Sore feet!


In February 2014 Marcus was in Hong Kong, where he stayed in Central on Wellington Street at the bottom of the mid-level escalators. Good times!


In 2013 the Ink Shot was in the Philippines! Marcus stayed at Makati City amongst the diplomats and other expatriate Australians, foreigners from other climes and Filipinos with considerable wealth. I took daily trips out into the 'real' Manila, where poverty is more pronounced but where the people are no less gracious and friendly.


Right now, Felix and Marcus are in Melbourne, where the realities of life demand their attention.