Declaration of intent

I intend to write as a practise in 2018. I will write for at least 20 minutes every night, by the light of my lamp. I will do this whether the spirit moves me or not. It will be painful, and my heart will be full of doubt and second-guessing, but I will write nonetheless. 

I will hold fast to the following ideas:

Start anywhere and just get on with it. Do not expect a sense of validation to emerge from the writing act; such validation will only be emergent in retrospect, if at all. It might take a while - potentially years - for this sense of retrospective validation - so don't wait for it.

Write despite how you feel. Feel like not writing but write anyway and see what happens. Start anywhere and just get on with it.

Declaration of Influences

In no particular order:

  • Giovanni Boccaccio

  • Italo Calvino

  • Jorge Luis Borges

  • Geoffrey Chaucer

  • Jeff Noon

  • Lewis Carroll

  • Stanislaw Lem

  • Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen

That is all.