A Midweek Effort

I’m turning off Netflix and iTunes tonight and putting some time into writing. I made an incremental move last night and somehow something that had been at the edge of my vision crystallised. Just a little bit. Tiny steps taken towards the ultimate goal: not a big leap, just a small movement in the right direction.

It had to do with a vision of a forest

It had to do with a vision of a forest

Loving Scrivener on my MacBook

I have finally got into the groove of using Scrivener on my MacBook, I am writing in a file called New Approach June 2019 which is an acknowledgement of exactly that - a new approach to the novel. I am enjoying it as a tool, using it with Ulysses for some naked writing in a feature-free and distraction-free setting. All things considered, despite being a little swamped with work things are going well.