So long and thanks for all the fish

As of 31 July 2012 The Flawed Mind website is no more. This event coincided precisely, but accidentally, with the death of intellectual provocateur and noted homosexualist Gore Vidal. That website has metamorphosed into this one you see before you,  The Flawed Mind was an important moment in time, but it ran its course and will now melt into the cache files of a thousand google searches. If you want to see the actual moment when the penny dropped, and when The Ink Shot was born, check out this post. (It's a bit long winded, but it will give you the basic idea.)

If you are looking for something from The Flawed Mind, you will find all of the past posts in the archive of The Ink Shot via the normal links and menus on this site. For those who followed The Flawed Mind on its rambling course, I sincerely thank you for your support, and I hope I haven't lost you in the transition to bigger and better things. Onward and upward!