On the steps of Bundoora Homestead, 1905

Smith Family, on the steps of Bundoora Homestead circa 1905

I found this image in our archive, we got hold of it when we renovated Bundoora Homestead, and it always struck me as a haunting photograph. The Homestead has a sad history in a way, it was only lived in as a house for a short period, following which it was converted into a repatriation hospital for shell-shocked WWI veterans. It later became a mental hospital, but some of the diggers who took up residence there during World War One lived there for the remainder of their lives, and at least one was still in residence in the 1980's.  This photograph is reportedly of the Smith Family, the original inhabitants of the Homestead. My new header at the top of the website - showing the vintage car - was also taken at the Homestead around 1905.