A new look for A Flawed Mind

A new day and a new look for A Flawed Mind. I am reading the book 'The Shallows' by Nicholas Carr, and I am hearing him speak on the coming Wednesday at the Wheeler Centre here in Melbourne. He is making me rethink my relationship to the internet, and this aesthetic change to my blog is just one small expression of this.

The theme chosen for my blog is called 'Manifest', and it is very simple. The centre-justify formatting is quite 17th Century to my eye (go ahead, squint - you can see it) and I like the fact that it is very strong typographically. It has been a few days of experimentation with different themes, but I am very glad to have found this one, which is designed by Jim Barraud. Well done, Jim. You can check out his website at JimBarraud.com