A (very) small business launch

Hello gentle readers, I am happy to announce that I have launched my private consultancy, Archimentor. Archimentor is a loose-fit vehicle for me to provide private mentoring and coaching services, for want of a much, much better description. The list on my ultra-simple one-page website (archimentor.com.au) says it best, where it describes the Archimentor services as the provision of:

  • a sounding board

  • mentor

  • coach

  • think-tanker

  • one-man workshop

  • audience

  • adviser

  • confidante

  • listener

  • speaker

  • designer

  • writer

  • thinker

Such a business seems unlikely in the extreme, especially to me - a real hot-house flower. However, I am happy to report that I have one industry client and one student client, so I am off and running. My marketing strategy is a simple one, and will require patience: I want to work on a word-of-mouth basis exclusively. As such I will take it one mouth at a time and see where it leads.

Archimentor perfectly complements my role at Williams Boag Architects, where I am engaged in design, strategy, management and winning new work. I expect that each situation will feed off the other, and evolve into something truly interesting.

Good times ahead.