Hints of the black dog

The internet is oversupplied with an oversupply of 'how are you feeling right now', and in some ways I am sorry to add more noise to whatever thin little signal there is that might be out there. Nevertheless, I just thought I would share this sentiment, accompanied by a photograph I took in the park last Sunday. I am feeling distinctly gloomy this evening, despite the fact that it is unlike me to feel this way in the absence of any good reason. No good reason presents itself.

Well, there it is. No analysis, no rationalisation, no particular cause - just a superficial veneer of gloom that will doubtless be gone tomorrow morning. And it is unfair of me to use an image of my dog Lucy to stand in for Churchill's black dog of depression: she is all about wagging tails and happiness. Think I might go give her a hug right now.