Writer's block

Hello friends. I felt that I should pen some words about an affliction I am suffering, one that I know the cure of. The affliction is writer's block, and I know the cure to be a disciplined commitment to writing, at a time set aside at least once a day. When I say that I know this to be the cure, what I really mean is that I believe this to be the cure. According to the best advice I have found it would appear that the solution of the problem of being unable to write is - strangely - to simply write, on the clock, come hell or high water. And yet, this is easier said than done.
Part of the problem seems to be the need for a suitable venue. I love nothing better than lounging about the apartment on a cold winter's day, stuffing around with reading and random television or movie watching, and for some reason - let's call it a temperamental reluctance - I feel unable to put down books, turn off devices and concentrate on writing. I love writing more than just about any other activity, but to be frank the prospect also makes me anxious. It is far easier to read than to write, especially if one is to calm one's nerves through the choice of one or other of these two activities. Subsequently, when at home, and feeling slightly unsettled as I am occasionally wont to do, I tend not to write.
The solution to this problem may be to acquire a studio space somewhere in the city. I had a studio years ago when I was studying, and it was a fantastic way to experience the city. I got more coffee drinking than work done, but it was a rich and stimulating experience. The problem with this solution is that it will cost at least $200 a month for a desk somewhere, with like minded people. And yet, it might just be worth it to break the circuit of inaction. Certainly, paying out cash on a monthly basis would be excellent incentive to use the space, and if it is just a desk, then it will probably be distraction free when compared to the plethora of entertainment options on hand at my apartment.
Just reading over this post, I cannot help but reflect on the fact that this is truly a 'first-world problem', if ever there was one. Get over it and get on with it, you might say - and on balance I would have to agree with you. So I will.