New kit

I am a great fan of Evernote, which is a catch-all database that syncs effortlessly across multiple platforms and allows a hoarder of random and eclectic things like myself to collect words, images, web pages, receipts - in fact anything - in one place. Evernote is a modern-day commonplacing tool,  and I use it for all of my housekeeping and administrative needs, reserving more content-based commonplacing for my DevonThink Pro database. (The two tools do pretty much the same thing, but DevonThink is more hard-core in terms of its searching algorithms.)

So Evernote has teamed up with Livescribe to make the ultimate gadget - the wireless smart pen, which allows for notes taken in Livescribe notebooks, and sound recordings made by the pen, to be digitised automatically over WiFi, straight into my Evernote database. I love these pens. I have two previous models, neither of which are WiFi enabled, and I am looking forward to receiving the new model. 

There is something about these pens that engages my creativity - perhaps it is just the gadget lover in me, but I find a tool like this indispensable once I ease it into my workflow. There are a wide range of notebooks available, and the pens are good for drawing as well as writing. The best thing is that Evernote makes the hand written notes searchable, provided - of course - that your handwriting is relatively neat. (When I have a good hand-writing day, this seems to work really well.)

You can pick up a new Sky WiFi pen at, they are the local distributor. Good service too. And no, this is not a paid endorsement - I just love the kit.