Life can be challenging

Sometimes life can be challenging. At this point in time, The Ink Shot is merely a minor part-time occupation, a labour of love that takes a little time out of my week in order to give a whole lot back. I love having a publishing vehicle - even if it is just a squeaky little blog - and I appreciate each and every one of you, my loyal readers. The situation of The Ink Shot mirrors the role of writing in my professional life overall; central to my intentions, but not (yet) the main event.


This is usually fine and dandy, as other activities pay the bills. Unfortunately, however, professional life in other quarters is suddenly not so peachy. In my day job, I find that the architecture profession is in something of a cyclical crisis, and I may have to find alternative employment. Job hunting while continuing to do my existing job is a little exhausting; it is consuming of time, true enough, but more significantly, it is energy- and spirit-consuming. Keeping one’s chin firmly up: that is the challenge. 

In the midst of such disruption, The Ink Shot is an anchor and a rock: a vantage point from which I can continue to observe the world, and write my regular reports from the front line of starving writers. At the very least, not making a living out of writing is a shared and honourable tradition, one with a long and distinguished history. I am in good company. So stay tuned: I will continue to post my little posts, even if the ship is going (temporarily) down! And finally, thank you for dropping by. In a time of need I appreciate the support.