About Marcus

Listener, thinker, speaker, writer

Marcus Baumgart loves writing in cafés, and has been doing so in Melbourne and elsewhere in the world for a good many years. While in his favourite haunts, he has been known to write prose fiction, poetry and critical reviews of architecture, design and art. The latter have been published in various journals, including Artichoke magazine, The Journal of the Design Institute of Australia, Architecture Australia, Monument, Landscape Architecture Australia and Houses Magazine. In 2011 he was selected to mentor a young and aspiring design journalist during the Victorian State of Design Festival. 

Marcus has practised in architecture and urban design, lectured in cultural studies and film studies, and taught design at RMIT and the University of Melbourne. Marcus also runs his own architecture studio in Melbourne with a business partner, focusing on houses, multiple housing, educational buildings, and strategic thinking and master planning relating to property. 

A Member of Writers Victoria, the innovative Long Now Foundation and the Australian Journalists Association, Marcus also supports the work of the UNHCR, Reporters Sans Frontiére and the Australian Cerebral Palsy Alliance

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